Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 11, Take 2

By Jack and Barbara Clarke, CCF Donors and Rick Falco, President and Creative Director of Vision Project

Photo credit: Rick Falco, Vision Project

Cameras are picked up about 9 a.m. with a quick check of the Internet at the school. The results as mentioned are a little disappointing. A couple of the students did not take pictures at all; some only a few. But two had some pretty good shots.

At class we discussed what went wrong. The biggest problem seemed to have been no knowing how to set up the shot. We decide to make it a little easier, requiring the students to still plan the shoot, but letting someone else take the picture.

We also got the impression they were getting a little discouraged when they were not accomplishing good photography, so first we showed them two of the best of everyone’s pictures to demonstrate that they can and are doing good work.

We also told them that some of their pictures have already been forwarded to CCF headquarters and that they are very pleased with the results. We sent them back out to try again.

Also during class we heard from Gelina that a meeting has been set up for us on Friday morning with a local photographer who is trying to run a similar program as ours on the island. We are hoping that some collaboration can possibly be arranged so our program can continue.

We’re eager to get some exercise and had planned to walk after class but the rain came and kept us in. It rains a lot here in short, but frequent downpours. I can almost watch the vegetables grow in our landlady’s garden.

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