Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Community: A Photographic Journey

By Jack and Barbara Clarke, CCF Donors and Rick Falco, President and Creative Director of Vision Project

All photos credited to Rick Falco, Vision Project

In search of an innovative way to continue giving to children associated with CCF, donors Jack and Barbara Clarke had an idea.

They decided to team up with Rick Falco, president and creative director of Vision Project, for the chance to introduce to the youth of Dominica, a fresh way to view their world…

…through the lens of a camera.

For three weeks and ten sessions, students were loaned cameras to be used as tools for visual and social research into their society. They learned everything from preparation and photography technique to the importance of documentation and editing.

My Community: A Photographic Journey gave middle and high school students in Dominica the opportunity to see all the components that make up their daily life in Dominica as a whole; to understand how their community functions on its own and as a part of the connected global society.

Here begins Day One of Jack, Barbara and Rick’s trip:

Well, we arrived yesterday without difficulty in Dominica. One missing bag arrived on the next plane much to our relief.

We were met at the airport by the CCF-Dominica Director Francis Joseph. Our first stop was the supermarket where we spent a small fortune stocking up on groceries for 3 weeks. We do not know when we will have another opportunity to get to a big store since there is not one near where we will be staying. We arrived at Grand Bay and our new home away from home at dusk.

The house has a view of the Atlantic over the rooftops of the houses below us and a view of mountains all around. There are cows in the yard behind us. The house is sparse, clean and adequate.

NO A/C, NO TV, NO Phone, NO internet.

We pay as we go for electricity and so far have paid $100 but don't know how long that will last. We also have one big surprise: NO HOT WATER!

Even in this warm climate that is a little challenging! Today we are on our own and will do a little walking and explore the village of Grand Bay. Tomorrow we meet the staff at the school.

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