Friday, January 16, 2009

Hope for the Future of "My Community"

By Jack and Barbara Clarke, CCF Donors and Rick Falco, President and Creative Director of Vision Project

With no cameras to download, we are picked up early by Gelina and head to CCF's office for real Internet service. We are told our meeting with the local photographer has been cancelled, but shortly we hear it's back on for later in the morning.

The Internet works well and we get some work accomplished. We are using a special software service that lets us literally hook-up to and use Jack's computer at home. It's helpful with all the mail and information is stored on that computer. So long as the Internet is working at the house, it works really well.

Our neighbor JoAnn who is looking after the house and mail was quite amused to see all of this computer activity going on when she happened to be there the other day!

We have a great meeting with the photographer. His name is Irvin Durand and he is the director of a local organization called Visual Arts Society of Dominica. He has been doing short workshops at various schools to get kids interested in photography and also setting up photography clubs in schools to try and keep the interest alive.

We hope he and CCF will collaborate in the future on our concept as well. Class today was short again as we go over their photo shoot ideas. We ask them to take notes on the ideas of others, but they seem more interested in their own ideas. We remind them that we are hoping to do a field trip Monday, but it may be more local than planned.

Gelina stopped by this evening and we went to look at the Old Fort, the spot they are suggesting for the exhibition in Grand Bay. We liked it and were glad to have a decision made. It is right on the main street and will be easy for a lot of folks to get to.

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