Thursday, January 15, 2009

Learn About Dominica Through Our Eyes

By Jack and Barbara Clarke, CCF Donors and Rick Falco, President and Creative Director of Vision Project

The weather finally cooperated with us today and we got a good walk in. After a brief check of the Internet, we start downloading pictures. They are better and there has been more participation; several are actually quite good and creative!

We did loosen the rules a little and allowed someone else to take their portrait, but they still had to set up the shoot. Some of the best ones through were done as we asked, using the self timer. A few of them never seemed to have enough time to get in front of the camera without their picture being blurred.

Class was short today because we are sending them home to complete a writing assignment without the cameras. The weekend photo shoot will be “My Community,” as we asked them to come back with a list of ideas for picture taking.

We told them no snapshots of friends and just goofing around. We want to see pictures of life in their community that would tell a story or might be of interest to someone learning about Dominica through their eyes.

After class we had a meeting with the assistant principal and a few of teachers.

Apparently the school is going to host a pageant of some sort and they want our class to photograph some of the students in costume next week so they don't have to hire a professional photographer to do a promotion. Even though we were a little wary, since the cameras aren’t really suited for this type of shooting, we agreed to let the students try, even though it will take away from our planned field trip on Monday.

Tonight we were invited to a going away party for a friend of our landlady's. A good crowd from the community turned up and it was pretty lively! The atmosphere was full of food and music.

We stayed for a bit and then retreated to our side of the duplex. In the back bedroom with the computer playing a movie, it's not to disturbing. They ended somewhere around 10:30 pm, just in time for us to catch some shut-eye.

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