Monday, January 19, 2009

Field Trips and Fire

By Jack and Barbara Clarke, CCF Donors and Rick Falco, President and Creative Director of Vision Project

We picked up the cameras at the school following the weekend shooting but didn’t find many pictures to download; we'll have to see about that in class. We have a field trip planned to Grand Bay and are hoping that the second field trip will result in more interesting pictures than the first since they've now had two weeks of class.

Later that morning we met with Gelina and the principal to discuss Friday's exhibition plans. The principal informed us she has a scheduling conflict with a church group Friday afternoon. She first told us that she might have to miss the exhibition, but when Gelina told her that the President of the country was scheduled to attend, she said she would work to change her schedule.

Only two boys showed up for class and they didn’t want to go on the field trip alone, so class was cancelled.

Unfortunately, the rest of the day didn’t get any better. We arrived home to a house filled with smoke. Seems a neighbor was illegally burning trash and the prevailing winds blew the smoke in our front door and windows.

We ended up taking the bus to Roseau and checking ourselves in to the Garraway Hotel for the night. We were thankful that they had rooms available!

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