Saturday, January 10, 2009

Déjà vu and Something New

By Jack and Barbara Clarke, CCF Donors and Rick Falco, President and Creative Director of Vision Project

Today, Gelina picked us up and we went to visit the Carib Territory – these people are original Indians from the Caribbean, and this is one of the few places where the original Carib people still live. It’s similar to an Indian reservation in the States.

The people here are very poor and CCF has a large presence. Gelina was scheduled to work with a group of children on creating a radio program to be broadcast throughout the entire island. There was also a local music group scheduled to work with the kids on creating their own songs and music, but sadly they did not show up.

Gelina and Melvin, a local who has a history in broadcasting, helped the children overcome their disappointment by planning future broadcasts to include music, poetry and storytelling about their home life, their parents and what it's like to be on the radio.

Gelina was so great with the kids. We left the children to explore the Territory; Barbara and I visited 2 years ago, but this was Rick’s first time. We went to the model village and saw a bunch of women making baskets. Usually there also demonstrations of dug out boats and cassavas, but they weren’t active today, which was too bad.

We drove on through the Territory, stopping for coconut jelly; a green coconut water that’s refreshing and much loved by the locals. Barbara also bought a few baskets (of course).

We ended up having lunch at Domcans which had very nice salads and French fries for us, as well as hamburgers for Gelina and Rick. Barbara and I ate here 2 years ago with CCF staff member Gary Duncan and local director, Francis Joseph. I even remember the owner who is Canadian and very nice.

He told us he has 2 or 3 rooms to rent with very nice with views of the valley and the ocean in the distance. For a second we thought bout taking him up on his offer!

We then set off to the Emerald Pool, one of Dominica's biggest tourist attractions. The waterfall ends in a small pool and the water appears dark green. There are rocks all around the pool and it’s very slippery.

I actually slipped and fell all over the rocks! I even lost my reading glasses and my sun glasses. Thankfully I was able to climb down and find them both and the cuts from my fall aren't too bad. Back at the main entrance they had peroxide and ice which was a big help.

We headed back to Grand Bay, following the sea along to Jungle Bay. Jungle Bay is an eco-resort where we stayed on our last visit. We saw the same guide we had before and the same waiter too!

Gelina told us she sings here occasionally and knows the staff well. When she was studying in the states she actually cut a couple of CD's and is very good. We arrived home tired and hungry from a busy day. I made eggs for dinner, played a round of Liverpool rummy and crashed into bed.

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